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A frequently asked question of PRO-GEN users is, how to copy a text, typed in a wordprocessor, into an info-field of a PRO-GEN person- or marriage-chart.

This can be done in two ways; using a DOS-text file or using 'cut and paste' in WINDOWS.

Using a DOS-text file

In your wordprocessor select the text you want to copy and store it as a DOS-text file on your harddisk.
In PRO-GEN go to the info-field in which you want the text to appear and press ALT+F1. Select "Read ASCII file" and enter the filename of the file in which you stored the text.

Using 'cut and paste' in Windows

To use this you must be able to load the text into a Windows program.
If your wordprocessor is a Windows program this isn't an issue, but if your wordprocessor is a DOS program you should store the complete text as a DOS-text file first. This DOS-text file can then be loaded into the Windows notepad or in MS-Write.
You also need to start PRO-GEN in a Windows DOS-box as it is described in the PRO-GEN documentation. Use the ALT+Enter key to display PRO-GEN in a window on the Windows desktop and rearrange the windows so that you can see both the text and the PRO-GEN window. You may need to adjust the font of the DOS-box to accomplish this.
Now you can copy the text using the mouse to select the text and pressing Ctrl-C to copy the text on the clipboard. Now click on the PRO-GEN window to activate it; go to the info-field in which the text should appear and press ALT+Spacebar; then select "Edit", "Paste" and the text will appear.

Please check out the accented characters. These characters may not appear correct in the text because the character-numbers for these characters are different for DOS and Windows programs.
Please edit them in PRO-GEN using the Ctrl-A key.