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Additional to the feature of creating files in WordPerfect or MS-WORD format is is also possible to create files in HTML-format.
The HTML-format is the format used for pages on the Internet World Wide Web (WWW). Using this PRO-GEN feature you can easily create genealogical output for publication on your Internet homepage.

To configure PRO-GEN to create HTML-files you should go to the "Output menu" and choose "HTML" as "Disk output driver". If you then choose "Output to disk" a file in HTML-format wille be created.

N.B. You can create HTML-files from almost any possible PRO-GEN output. However line-drawing-characters are not available in HTML so when using lists or graphs these characters will be replaced by -, | and + characters.
When using Text-output bold- and italic-texts will be used where appropriate and hyperlinks will be created between the individuals in the text.