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To add a new output language to the possibilities of PRO-GEN 2.3c you should change the following files using EDIT or a similar editor :

  1. Think of a code to use for the language. For instance if you want to create an Irish output language use IRL as a code.
  2. Copy the file pg23\gb\output\GB.INC to pg23\gb\output\IRL.INC
  3. Translate the file pg23\nl\output\IRL.INC.
    In this file the lines starting with CONST should be translated. Only the texts between "quotes" (the first is "lives") should be translated. If you don't know what is meant with some of the texts, you could take a look at the corresponding lines in the files NL.INC, GB.INC, D.INC or F.INC.
    For some of the texts the text-length is important. For instance, in the 'family sheets' a fixed format is used. In that case a text which is too long will be truncated.
    The constants in this IRL.INC file are beiing used in the VTX and INC files in the pg23\gb\OUTPUT directory.
  4. Copy the file pg23\GB.LNG to pg23\IRL.LNG
  5. Translate the names and abbreviations of the weekdays and months mentioned in this file.
    The first three lines of the file state the name of the output language in Dutch, German and English.
N.B. If you create a new output language please mail the new files to so that I can add them to the program.