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If you want to publish the results of your research you can generate a pedigree or descendants report in PRO-GEN suitable for publication in a genealogical magazine. The text can be generated in English, Dutch, German, French, Frisian, Polish, Papiamento or South-African.
Indexes can be generated with recordnumbers, Kekule-numbers or descendants numbers.
If you want to visualize the family relationships you can print a graphical pedigree or a descendants-tree of which the pages can be merged to one big wallchart containing a maximum of 60 generations.
PRO-GEN has a lot of additional reports : text reports, repertorium, lists, family charts, pedigree charts, histograms, etc.
You can create a mail-merge file for WordPerfect, for instance containing addresses.

All PRO-GEN reports can be stored in a file on disk, including layout, in a WordPerfect or MS-WORD format. In text reports indexmarkers are added to all names. That makes it easy to generate most of your familybook with PRO-GEN, including an index.
Output can also be stored as an HTML-file which makes it easier to create pages for your Internet homepage.