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Following file solves some problems and adds some functions to PRO-GEN. You can download the version 3.50 on this page. This version also includes all previous changes.
The changes in version 3.50 are listed below. Changes in previous versions are listed on a separate page. This information is also available in PRO-GEN via 'Documentation'.


You can install version 3.50 by overwriting your existing PRO-GEN with the new version.
The setup program will keep your genealogical data, licence-data and most of the PRO-GEN settings for you. But of course it is wise to have a backup of your PRO-GEN data-files and of changes you may have made in the program-files.

PRO-GEN 3.50
8.828.048 bytes
  • Click on the file to start the download.
Microsoft Internet Explorer
download with Internet Explorer
  • A information-bar will appear in your browser. Click 'Download...'
  • and 'Execute'.
Mozilla Firefox
download with Firefox
  • Click 'Save file' and choose a directory to store the file.
  • In Windows Explorer go to that directory and double-click setup-pg350-gb.exe.
  • On Windows Vista and Windows 7 you must allow the PC to execute the setup program.
  • Select the directory where PRO-GEN is installed (standard C:\PG30).
  • A message will popup that this directory exists. Choose 'Yes' to use this existing directory.

Short description of the changes in version 3.50

*** changes in version 3.50 d.d. 14-09-2019 **************************************
- Installation: Empty lines that have been inserted for the purpose of structure in the list of PRO GEN files are now retained.
- Installation: Default colors set in register because with a newly installed Windows 10 PC the colors were dull.
- Installation: Standard size of screen letters adjusted from 18 to 24 points, so that the PRO-GEN window is somewhat larger from the start.
- Database: Maximum size of Info fields increased from 16000 to 64000 characters.
- Database: Field type Yes / No added.
- Layout definition: New PG35-1GB.DEF added with:
    o Yes / No field for recording permission for publication.
    o Related Date and Comment field.
- Utilities, Update: Added option to easily convert a file to the latest PG35-1GB.DEF format definition.
- Added 'Privacy settings' output choice.
    o These Privacy settings work on all reports!
    o Two selection conditions for this have also been added.
    o In VTX language additions (for details see TECHNIC.PDF):
        - PRIV_STATUS([,])
        - PRIV_AGE_LIMIT
        - PRIV_TEXT$
        - PRIV_ALLOWED
        - PRIV_DEAD
        - PRIV_PROB_DEAD
        - PRIV_UNKNOWN
        - PRIV_ALIVE
        - PRIV_DENIED
        - PRIV_ALL
        - PRIV_RESTRICTION([[,]])
- Ancestral line, Pedigree, (Male) descendants: Added possibility to use only the selected persons.
- FAMILY.VTX: Style for main number changed so that it differs from the reference number. For the text 'witnesses:' a comma has been added.
- FAMILIY.VTX: Extra index option '9' to only index the wives and to add the family number.
- AFSTAM2.VTX: CSS style adapted to support long numbers.
- Text output: If the last name is empty, the first name ended up in the index of RTF output at the sign:.
- Text output: When printing a relationship chart in the text, the partner was printed as unknown for parents without a relationship.
- Text output: With standard text output option added to print the complete data for the children while retaining the reference.
- CSS: Added additional formats.
- HTML / CSS output: If a first name ends with a ( sign, the program crashed when creating an HTML or CSS output.
- HTML / CSS output: If a space was placed after the base file name, the created output could not be opened automatically.
- HTML / CSS output: When using the Edge browser, accent marks in the index were not displayed correctly.
- Backup: After making a backup, sometimes the DEF file was damaged.
- Backup: If a file was marked as read-only in Windows, the backup process stalled.
- GEDCOM export: By means of a privacy filter, people can be omitted from the GEDCOM file, while the family structure is retained.
- GEDCOM export: If a! Sign was placed in a wedding date, this was not correctly placed in the GEDCOM file.
- GEDCOM export: In the NAME tag, a space is placed between first name and last name. This only affects the result when imported into Webtrees.
- GEDCOM import: 2 TYPE .... was only recognized if this was immediately after the 1 MARR line. Now this is also recognized if there are other lines between them.
- GEDCOM import: 1 MARR Y has always been translated into legal marriage. Therefore, no account was taken of a possible 2 TYPE Church line.
- GEDCOM import: If a comma is used in a surname, the part after the comma is first checked to see if it concerns prefixes, before it is placed before the first part.
- GEDCOM import / export: The number of possible links has been changed from 255 to 32767.
- Worklist: If no sorting was active yet and the description of the first sorting condition was long, then the screen that appeared when the TAB key was pressed was not correctly set up. Now the long description is truncated on the edge of the screen.
- Worklist / Relationship chart: With Backspace and Alt-Backspace the path followed through the list can be followed back / forward.
- Info fields: If the input mode is 'overwritten', the program could get stuck when entering texts via the F keys.
- In the RTF.PRN driver the coding of the line characters has been changed to Unicode so that this can also be used with OpenOffice.
- With RTF output, standard page numbers are now turned on, centered at the top of the page.
- If the beginning of the last name was in parentheses, the first parenthesis was added to the prefix.
- MAIL.VTX: If a custom setting was made for exporting marriage data in which not all personal fields of man and woman were used, the resulting file could not be read in EXCEL.
- PDF circular chart: If a background photo / drawing is used, the ' banners' selection option is no longer shown because it is then on by default.
- Text output pedigree: For the option "Indicate parent text after generation numbers?" texts for the English, German and French languages have now been added.
- Output: There is more memory available for output, making very wide outputs less likely to cause a crash.
- Utilities for contact services removed from the menu.
- Start option / TITLE added, with which the used folder name or own text can be added in the top line of the PRO-GEN screen.
- If a path \ file name is to be entered, a Windows file selection screen can now be used with the? Sign to choose the desired file.