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PRO-GEN is regularly updated to fix bugs and add new features. You can download the latest version 3.51 from this page. It also includes all previous changes.

N.B. Our updates remain free, but a voluntary contribution for our efforts is of course always welcome at bankaccount NL90 ABNA 0593 5224 43 (BIC ABNANL2A) registered to J. Mulderij and D.J. Scholte in 't Hoff, Markelo, NL.

The changes in version 3.51 are listed below. Information on the changes in earlier versions is listed on a separate page. This information can also be found within PRO-GEN under 'Documentation'.


You can install version 3.51 by overwriting your existing PRO-GEN with the new version.
The setup program will keep your genealogical data, licence-data and most of the PRO-GEN settings for you. But of course it is wise to have a backup of your PRO-GEN data-files and of changes you may have made in the program-files.

PRO-GEN 3.51
8.803.392 bytes
  • Click on the file to start the download.
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
download with Edge
  • Click in the upper right corner on 'Open file' and select setup-pg351-gb.exe.
Google Chrome
download with Chrome
  • In the bottom of the Chrome window a warning will appear. Choose 'Keep'.
  • Click on the arrow behind setup-pg351-gb.exe and choose 'Open' or 'Execute'.
Mozilla Firefox
download with Firefox
  • Click 'Save file' and choose a directory to store the file.
  • In Windows Explorer go to that directory and double-click setup-pg351-gb.exe.
  • On Windows Vista and Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 you must allow the PC to execute the setup program.
  • Select the directory where PRO-GEN is installed.
  • A message will popup that this directory exists. Choose 'Yes' to use this existing directory.

Short description of the changes in version 3.51

*** changes in version 3.51 d.d. 09-02-2022 **************************************
- Adjustments for use with Windows 11.
- General: Changed the name 'directory' to 'folder'.
- Layout definition: New PG35-2GB.DEF added with field for E-mail in the address data.
- Layout definition: PG35-1.DEF and PG35-2.DEF also allow letter X for gender.
- Backup: No error message was displayed with an empty folder name.
- Backup: A VTX expression may now be entered as folder name. For example:
    to save the Backup file in a subfolder by date.
- PDF circular chart: The option 'display as banner' is no longer limited to 7 generations per sheet, but now works up to 10 generations per sheet.
- Text output: The output of children has been adjusted so that the order is correct for pre-children.
- Text output: If an index type with years has been selected, 'before' and 'after' are now shown with a < and > sign, instead of a ± sign.
- RTF output: The use of page numbers can now be configured in the form selection screen.
- RTF output: The page references are now clickable; even after saving in PDF.
- The point size at 'Adjust window size' can now be set from 5 to 72.
- Menu choice 'Start DOS program' is now called 'CMD shell'.
- Via 'CMD shell' you can now download and start the PRO-GEN on-line help software. In case of questions or problems, the makers or the helpdesk may ask you to start this software so that they can see your PC and try to solve the problem.
- Macros: Start option /MACRO= added to start a macro immediately when starting PRO-GEN.
- VTX: SET LASTCHAR= command added (see Technical Documentation).
- GEDCOM Export: Adjusted the setting of the character set to be used. This setting is no longer via 'advanced options', but has its own selection menu.
- GEDCOM Export: Added UTF-8 character set. This is also the default choice.
- GEDCOM Import: New setting added: 'Treat TYPE as NOTE (except for MARR/EVEN)'.
- HTML/CSS output: For sources starting with HTTP, the text report creates this source as a clickable link.
- Added disk output driver 'UTF-8 text file (with BOM)'. BOM = 'Byte Order Mark'.
- With FAMILY.VTX, the witnesses are now added to the marriage.
- The 20 texts in the temporary buffer are now saved after closing the program.
- Import/Export: The file name input fields now allow longer texts.

- Made functions MARKED() and SELECTED() faster.
- When using a 'different date format', the privacy option did not work correctly.
- Fixed missing Patronym field output error.
- Report AFSTAM2 gave an error message when encountering a [privacy] person.
- Generic text output gave an error if the file did not have a relations table.
- 'Check the program files' stopped working.
- KW-HTML output gave no data from generation 2.
- A PDF circular chart footer only worked if it was enclosed in double quotes.
- PgUp/PgDn browsing in the work list was slower because the page was always completely completed. This now works as before.
- If a parent's personal number was greater than 214748, the reference 'son of' or 'daughter of' was no longer correct.
- Report HUWBLD: the first names of husband and wife were missing.
- Backup: If multiple sessions of PRO-GEN are running at the same time, an incomplete backup file could result if the file that was open in the other session was backed up. Now in such a situation an error message follows and that file is skipped.
- Macros: If the program was closed when recording a macro, the macro was not saved.
- Text report: The option 'For children with reference, print all data?' didn't always work well.
- Text report: The option 'Include ancestor text behind generation numbers?' in 'saved settings' had no value by default yet.
- Relationship chart: Holding the right arrow key to scroll through the children sometimes jumped the chart to a higher generation.
- PRO-GEN Export: In the links screen, the data was not aligned.
- Update Layout: If the file was not in the DATA folder, the new file was moved to the DATA folder.
- A graphical report of a pedigree chart with only the record number did not work in fileviewer.