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During your genealogical research you can easily enter the data you have found in a person chart, in which many additional data can be entered, for instance : call name, titles, source description, source number, source text, wittnesses, texts up to 16000 characters each, etc.
You can filter the data on any data field, or on combinations of fields. Besides the traditional filters, for instance on surname or birth date, you can also easily filter on changes in surname, possible patronyms, still born children, unmarried mothers, etc. You can also filter on ancestors, descendants, bloodrelatives and related persons of a given individual.
Sorting order can be on any field in the database. In a sorted list you can jump very quickly to a person by entering part of the surname and given name.
You can use a graphical relation chart in which you see three generations and where you can easily browse through your database. In this relation chart data can be added and changed.
With the 'genealogical check' you can check you data for several logical errors like duplicate records or wrong order of dates.
From your PRO-GEN data you can generate files for the Dutch 'NGV contactdienst'; the Belgian 'VVF databank' and for the BBS Tafel Matching System (TMS). These files can help you to make contact to other genealogists researching the same family.
Of course you can exchange data with other researchers using the standard GEDCOM protocol.