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PRO-GEN is written as an open system by storing all changeable data in separate files. This means that users can make their own adjustments to the program. It is possible to add or change lists, graphical output, filter options, sorting order; even the database structure can be changed by adding or removing fields !
That's why we use the slogan : Genealogy à la Carte

PRO-GEN is also suitable for beginning computer users because it contains a lot of models for all normal genealogical functions.
The program uses clear and simple menus to activate all functions.
Genealogical data are entered in individual- and marriage records which can be simply edited.
The relations between the individual- and marriage-records are automatically stored when you add data using the Relationchart.

The documentation of PRO-GEN is available on the disk and can be viewed and printed from within PRO-GEN.
The layout of all files is documented in separate technical documentation.