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English PRO-GEN Version
PRO-GEN 3.51
8.8 MB
After the installation this is a demoversion.
In the demoversion you can test all features of the program. The only limitation is that a demoversion can store a maximum of 50 persons per file.
N.B. If you enter the license data, the software will become a full version that can store more than 2 million records.

The current status is that the program-texts and menus have all been translated. However the documentation and the example-file must still be translated (any help is appreciated; please E-mail me).

Other PRO-GEN Versions
Dutch version.
Dutch PRO-GEN 3.51 version.
German version.
German PRO-GEN 3.51 version.
Other files
Software that can set the correct 'Codepage'.
If the Codepage is not correct, you will see strange characters in the edge of the PRO-GEN input dialogs.
CP437 will solve this for all Windows versions.
Adobe Reader
The free 'Adobe Reader' software is needed to view the circular chart that can be created by PRO-GEN.
Often this software is already available on your PC. But if you do not have the 'Adobe Reader' you can download it for free from the Adobe site.