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N.B. The latest version 3.51 also contains the following changes.

*** changes in version 3.50 d.d. 14-09-2019 **************************************
- Installation: Empty lines that have been inserted for the purpose of structure in the list of PRO GEN files are now retained.
- Installation: Default colors set in register because with a newly installed Windows 10 PC the colors were dull.
- Installation: Standard size of screen letters adjusted from 18 to 24 points, so that the PRO-GEN window is somewhat larger from the start.
- Database: Maximum size of Info fields increased from 16000 to 64000 characters.
- Database: Field type Yes / No added.
- Layout definition: New PG35-1GB.DEF added with:
    o Yes / No field for recording permission for publication.
    o Related Date and Comment field.
- Utilities, Update: Added option to easily convert a file to the latest PG35-1GB.DEF format definition.
- Added 'Privacy settings' output choice.
    o These Privacy settings work on all reports!
    o Two selection conditions for this have also been added.
    o In VTX language additions (for details see TECHNIC.PDF):
        - PRIV_STATUS([,])
        - PRIV_AGE_LIMIT
        - PRIV_TEXT$
        - PRIV_ALLOWED
        - PRIV_DEAD
        - PRIV_PROB_DEAD
        - PRIV_UNKNOWN
        - PRIV_ALIVE
        - PRIV_DENIED
        - PRIV_ALL
        - PRIV_RESTRICTION([[,]])
- Ancestral line, Pedigree, (Male) descendants: Added possibility to use only the selected persons.
- FAMILY.VTX: Style for main number changed so that it differs from the reference number. For the text 'witnesses:' a comma has been added.
- FAMILIY.VTX: Extra index option '9' to only index the wives and to add the family number.
- AFSTAM2.VTX: CSS style adapted to support long numbers.
- Text output: If the last name is empty, the first name ended up in the index of RTF output at the sign:.
- Text output: When printing a relationship chart in the text, the partner was printed as unknown for parents without a relationship.
- Text output: With standard text output option added to print the complete data for the children while retaining the reference.
- CSS: Added additional formats.
- HTML / CSS output: If a first name ends with a ( sign, the program crashed when creating an HTML or CSS output.
- HTML / CSS output: If a space was placed after the base file name, the created output could not be opened automatically.
- HTML / CSS output: When using the Edge browser, accent marks in the index were not displayed correctly.
- Backup: After making a backup, sometimes the DEF file was damaged.
- Backup: If a file was marked as read-only in Windows, the backup process stalled.
- GEDCOM export: By means of a privacy filter, people can be omitted from the GEDCOM file, while the family structure is retained.
- GEDCOM export: If a! Sign was placed in a wedding date, this was not correctly placed in the GEDCOM file.
- GEDCOM export: In the NAME tag, a space is placed between first name and last name. This only affects the result when imported into Webtrees.
- GEDCOM import: 2 TYPE .... was only recognized if this was immediately after the 1 MARR line. Now this is also recognized if there are other lines between them.
- GEDCOM import: 1 MARR Y has always been translated into legal marriage. Therefore, no account was taken of a possible 2 TYPE Church line.
- GEDCOM import: If a comma is used in a surname, the part after the comma is first checked to see if it concerns prefixes, before it is placed before the first part.
- GEDCOM import / export: The number of possible links has been changed from 255 to 32767.
- Worklist: If no sorting was active yet and the description of the first sorting condition was long, then the screen that appeared when the TAB key was pressed was not correctly set up. Now the long description is truncated on the edge of the screen.
- Worklist / Relationship chart: With Backspace and Alt-Backspace the path followed through the list can be followed back / forward.
- Info fields: If the input mode is 'overwritten', the program could get stuck when entering texts via the F keys.
- In the RTF.PRN driver the coding of the line characters has been changed to Unicode so that this can also be used with OpenOffice.
- With RTF output, standard page numbers are now turned on, centered at the top of the page.
- If the beginning of the last name was in parentheses, the first parenthesis was added to the prefix.
- MAIL.VTX: If a custom setting was made for exporting marriage data in which not all personal fields of man and woman were used, the resulting file could not be read in EXCEL.
- PDF circular chart: If a background photo / drawing is used, the ' banners' selection option is no longer shown because it is then on by default.
- Text output pedigree: For the option "Indicate parent text after generation numbers?" texts for the English, German and French languages have now been added.
- Output: There is more memory available for output, making very wide outputs less likely to cause a crash.
- Utilities for contact services removed from the menu.
- Start option / TITLE added, with which the used folder name or own text can be added in the top line of the PRO-GEN screen.
- If a path \ file name is to be entered, a Windows file selection screen can now be used with the? Sign to choose the desired file.

*** changes in version 3.22 d.d. 14-05-2016 **************************************
- Installation: The setup-program and the PRO-GEN programfiles are now digitally signed.
- Installation: For Windows 10 the option 'Enable Ctrl key shortcuts' is switched off.
- Installation: New version of PGIT.
- License: PRO-GEN could crash when a license file was incomplete.
- License: The entered licencecode is checked for the correct length.
- Demo-version: A selection using VTX could crash the program.
- If a DEF file was empty, the PRO-GEN file could not be opened. Now the program will ask to select a valid DEF file.
- A long text in a menu could wrap to the next line.
- Macro's: A macro using F1/Ctrl-V in an info-field was not completed properly.
- Update settings: Will also update *.VTX, *.COL and ALT*.KEY files.
- Update settings: A file could be overwritten by an older version if the name was different in uppercase/lowercase.
- ASCII import: In het logfile the recordnumbers can now be seven digits long.
- GEDCOM export: In TIME fields a point-character will be replaced by a semicolon as required by the GEDCOM standard.
- GEDCOM export: The progressbar dit not always reach 100%.
- GEDCOM import: The message 'Error in GEDCOM line' will now have the person- or relation-number mentioned.
- GEDCOM import: As alternative to the standard tag 'CREM' now tag 'BURI' with 'TYPE Cremation' will also be accepted for a cremation.
- ASCII import: On Windows XP ASCII Import could crash at the end, leaving the resulting file one record short.
- Restore: A LZH-file that was marked read-only in Windows, caused problems at a later restore-action.
- Reports to file with accent character didn't work correct.
- The use of questionmarks in dates could cause strange effects in reports. For example 23-12-19?? could result in year 2065.
- Circular chart: New option to add a background image. Five background images are included: two drawings and three photos.
- Text report Ancestral line: When using ' *Output with all fields' now the children of the ancestor will also be included.
- RTF reports: The empty page at the end of the document is now suppressed.
- Printing in 'Landscape' did not work correct.
- For dates using befor/after/circa before the year 1000 the date formatting option could not suppress the leading zero.
- VTX: there are now 250 variables available (was 100).
- Output: In the PRN drivers character replacement can now be specified per style.
- In RTF and CSS output the minus-character will only in dates and names be replaced by a non-breakable hypen.
- Text report: The page for the INDEX will be suppressed if no indexing is chosen.
- VTX: New function #ENCODING$ will result in the value for charset= (utf-8 or iso-8859-1) used by HTML/CSS output.
- HTML/CSS: For Internet output the UTF-8 characterset will be used. So now the browser will correctly show lines in a 'Graphical output'.
- HTML/CSS: In the WEBSITE folder subfolders with the name of the PRO-GEN file can be made to store templates for a specific file.
- HTML/CSS: The numbering of the files is not restricted to 4 digits anymore.
- HTML/CSS: In the index the names using accented characters were not correctly sorted.
- Documentation: Release information is now stored as PDF.

*** changes in version 3.21 d.d. 15-12-2012 **************************************
= Installation: After browsing for a different directory the default PG30 will not be added to that directory anymore.
- Installation: The F-key definitions and Name-Prefixes were overwritten.
+ PGIT: New version which also supports LZH files of LHA32.
= Screen: The Windows startscreen still stated version 3.0b.
+ Screen: PRO-GEN now automatically uses codepage 437.
= Screen: Changing the windows size does not influence other windows anymore.
- Data entry: In an Info field, the ctrl-arrow keys did not correctly jump from word to word.
+ Printing: Bigger forms are now supported.
- Printing: A few characters were not printed on Windows 7.
= Printing: PRO-GEN now uses the default 'Courier New' font.
+ Circular chart: Added a new option 'Draw banners for the boxes ?'.
- Text reports: Sometimes crashed PRO-GEN 3.20.
- Text reports: The title now uses style 24 (was 26).
- HTML/CSS: Sometimes the menu where the output could be split in smaller parts was skipped. In the browser the output then appeared without index.
= HTML/CSS: '-character added to drivers.
- Restore: After restore the filetime was set to the current date/time.
- GEDCOM import: In the menu where links can be changed, the key to view the GEDCOM file did not work.
- GEDCOM export: Sometimes an error message appeared concerning the PG{IXR}.TMP file.
- Import: ASCII-Import sometimes crashed.
- Import: After importing data the file was not re-indexed.
- Export: After expanding the file layout the export crashed.
- CGI-export: Choosing a place by entering the first characters did not work.

*** changes in version 3.20 d.d. 01-07-2012 **************************************
+ PRO-GEN is now a 32-bit Windows console program and does not need DOSBOX anymore to run on 64-bit Windows.
+ For the 64-bit users the restrictions of DOSBOX are now not valid anymore.
+ Cut and Paste uses the Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V keys, as usual in Windows.
+ The Copy-function in Info-texts (using Shift-F1) internally uses the Windows clipboard. So you can simply paste these texts into other Windows programs also.
+ PRO-GEN uses the Windows keyboard settings.
- The problems with the Belgian AZERTY keyboard are now solved.
= The VTX-function RANDOM now produces a value between 0 and 10000 instead of between 0 and 1.
+ When recording a macro the beep is removed. A blinking line is now shown at the top of the screen with the name of the macro and the number of recorded keys.
+ In the main menu the questionmark-key shows some technical information.
- GEDCOM export did not export dates 'in xxxx' and 'about xxxx' as 'ABT xxxx'.
- The progressbar with selections like TWINS begun already halfways.
+ The documentation is now in PDF format.
- When installing an error could occur because the PGcourier font could not be replaced.
- On the screen some thin ghostlines stayed behind.

*** Changes in patch 19 d.d. 29-08-2011 *************************************
+General: On some PC's the entry of text was very slow.
+General: Processor load reduced.
+General: Most errors when using DOSBOX are solved.
+Data entry: Extra characters added to the Ctrl-A screen.
-AGE$(): The calculation of the remaining days (option 4) failed when the first date was in a leap-year and the second date was in a normal year.
-Screen layout: Editing a Screen layout with a lot of fields could cause a 'out of string space' errormessage.
+HTML/CSS: Extra navigation at the bottom of every page.
-VTX: At line-breaks active STYLE fields were not closed in the correct order.
+DESCEND.VTX: Display of divorcedate added.
+GEDCOM: Changed GEDCOM Tag's of church- and civil marriage.

*** Changes in patch 18 d.d. 06-02-2010 *************************************
=Textreports: Styles changed: spaces, semicolon, parentheses, etc. are now outside of the stylecode.
+Textreports: Added extra styles for church and generation-texts.
-Textreports: Report 'Male descendants' in RTF-format sometimes caused an error in WORD.
-HTML/CSS: When using 'Record number' some hyperlinks in report were missing.
-HTML/CSS: When the index was split, the title of the index-file was wrong.
=JAAR.VTX: The option 'field replacement' is turned off for this report.
+Reports: The speed of report-generation is improved on PC's without EMS-memory.
+VTX: option 32 was added to the INDEX$() function to removed texts in parenthesis from the index.
+Drivers: RTF - Extra forms added for reports with fixed pagelayout.
+Drivers: Added driver for WordPerfect 9 and higher.
+General: Changes to let PRO-GEN function with DOSBOX on a 64-bit Windows.
+General: Changes to let PRO-GEN function with DOSBOX on a 64-bit Linux.
-Start: Sometimes an error concerning EXCLDIR.EXE appeared when starting PRO-GEN.
=Start:The change of 'files=20' to 'files=40' in CONFIG.NT did not always work.
+Selection: Added 'parents + partners' in menu 'Marked records with ....'.
*** Changes in patch 17 d.d. 14-07-2008 *************************************
-BACKUP: In a backup of a file that contains more than 434.348 persons, the persons database could get damaged.
-BACKUP: Since Patch 17 a Backup would fail on Windows 95, 98 and ME.
-Start: On a Windows 95 PC an errormessage could appear when starting PRO-GEN.
-Installation: If a file was mentioned multiple times in the list of PRO-GEN files, these duplicates will be removed.
*** Changes in patch 16 d.d. 20-06-2008 *************************************
-On Windows Vista PC's using some 'dual-core' processors PRO-GEN sometimes stalled the PC. This is now solved.
-HTML/CSS-reports: When a very long name is used, the screen that displays information on the created report would not refresh properly.
+Data verification: When checking the age, an 'about' date is allowed as date of birth.
-GEDCOM Export: A 'between' date will now use 'BET' instead of 'BETWEEN' in the GEDCOM file.
=GEDCOM: The option to copy the file to diskette has been removed.
+BACKUP: Support for long directory names.
-BACKUP/RESTORE: If a space was typed behind the directory name, a fatal error message would be displayed.
=UTILS: The option to copy the file to diskette has been removed.
-Configuration: A change in 'Keyboard setting' or 'Set Window size' no longer require a manual restart of the program.
*** Changes in patch 15 d.d. 01-09-2007 *************************************
-BACKUP: If PRO-GEN was installed in a directory that had a 'long filename', the Backup/Restore function did not work properly.
-BACKUP: If the Restore function should overwrite an existing file, that file was erased first. If the Restore then failed, the existing file was already erased so all data would be lost. Now the existing file will be erased after the backup-files are checked.
+BACKUP: Now uses a newer LHA version: LHA 2.55.
+Textreports: The Info-fields of Husband, Wife and Relation can now be printed together just before the line "From this marriage..."
+General: changes to run on VirtualPC for use on Windows X64 versions.
+List: The 'View' screen can be ended with the same V-key.
-Printout: in some cases the characters Ç, Ä and Pt were not printed correctly. The PGcourier font has been changed to correct this.

*** Changes in patch 14 d.d. 06-03-2007 *************************************
+Changes to allow PRO-GEN to run on Windows VISTA (32-bit):
    +Installation: the DOS installation software has been replaced with a Windows installation program that will work on Windows Vista.
    +Settings: the keyboard-layout can now be changed within PRO-GEN.
    +Settings: the window size can now be changed within PRO-GEN.
    +Utilities: in the 'Update' section a function to 'Read program settings from previous version' has been added.
    +The directory PG30\TEMP will now be used for temporary files.
=HTML/CSS reports: links that point to a location in the same file will no longer have the filename specified in the 'href=' link.
-HTML/CSS reports: The 'base filename' is required. It may not be empty anymore.
+Selection: The 'Search in all fields' function now also searches the name of father/mother or husband/wife.

*** Changes in patch 13 d.d. 12-12-2006 *************************************
=Installation: PRO-GEN will now install in 'Window' mode instead of 'Full screen'.
-Textreports: Bookmarks that will not be used are now left out. In some cases this will prevent problems because there is a limit of 16379 bookmarks in MS-WORD.
-Filename: The PRO-GEN filename may only use A-Z, 0-9 and - or _ characters.
+HTML/CSS reports: PRO-GEN will now generate a GENDEX.TXT file.
+Selection: Option to 'Search in all fields' added.
+Descendants: an new report is added 'Schema indented per generation'.
-GEDCOM: Some tag's were not shown in the screen where fields are linked to GEDCOM tags.
-Data verification: Files containg more than 32000 relations could cause an error.
+Utilities: under 'Miscellaneous' an item is added to 'Print the F-key texts'.
+Circular chart: Option to use only 4 generations added.
-Circular chart: The border around the first page used a different linewidth than the border on the other pages.
-Modify list: Since Patch 12 an error appeared.
-Pedigree: An error in Patch 12 could cause some persons to appear multiple times in the report na dcould cause an error in the selection function.
-Textreports: The age was not printed if only the burial-date was entered.
-Textreports: Sometimes the occupation of the parents was not printed.
-HTML/CSS textreports: If the output is split into smaller chunks, the table tag of the children section was not closed properly.
+HTML/CSS textreports: Every person has an extra 'id=' tag. This can be used to specify custom CSS styles for specific persons.

*** Changes in patch 12 d.d. 08-05-2006 *************************************
+Output to disk: the last reply to "Do you want to open this file?" will be saved as default for the next time.
+Storage: the limit of 250.000 persons is raised to 2.000.000.
+General: support for the use of long filenames added for output to disk and for GEDCOM and ASCII import/export.
+CSS and HTML-reports: files will be generated with lowercase names.
+CSS-reports: new 'Disk output driver' added for creating HTML-output that uses CSS formatting. In the resulting output many CSS-class-names have been added to the text.
+HTML/CSS-reports: if users put modified files in the directory OUTPUT, these files will be used instead of the same file from the GB directory. This allowd users to create mofifeid versions of templates without having to overwrite the original files.
+Textreports: extra styles have been added for block-info, titles, time, religion and headerlines.
-Textreports: if the report had 60 generation, an error could appear.
-VTX: #10$ did not work correctly with SELECT ... and MARK ... commands.
-Start: if PRO-GEN was used on a PDA an error would appear in patch 9 was installed.
-Circular chart: if printoption 'Use a different date format' was used, the order of the 'brothers and sisters of the proband' could be wrong.

*** Changes in patch 11 d.d. 06-09-2005 *************************************
-PRO-GEN Import/Export: info-texts that have all text on one long line will generate a memory error less often.
+KW-HTML: Date fields that have been entered as a !-character will not be printed anymore.
-Textreports: an 'Out of memory' error will occur less often.
-Descendants: if there were more than 8191 persons within one generation, an error would appear.
+VTX: a CONST value no longer needs to be unique. De last value will be used.
+Installation: A new version of PGIT is included.
-General: if config.nt contains the line 'files=20' this line will be replaced with 'files=40'. Dit is an issue in the German XP version.
-WP-reports: after installing Patch 10, a report in WP format could cause an error.
-Textreports: after installing Patch 10, following error message could appear: 'Subscript out of range in module ALGEMEEN at address ....:05CA'
-Textreports: after installing Patch 10, generating a textreport for the second time would state 'from this marriage .. children' instead of reporting the children-details.

*** Changes in patch 10 d.d. 04-06-2005 *************************************
+GEDCOM import: If the GEDCOM file does not explicitly state the used characterset, PRO-GEN will ask the user to choose one.
+KW-HTML: the 'Pedigree chart for HTML' can now use 4 or 5 generations.
+Configuration: more than one custom color-setting can be used.
+Selection: selection of 'Marked records with partners' extended with extra options for the selection of parents, children, etc.
-Textreports: an 'Out of memory' error will occur less often.
=Textreports: bookmark names for RTF and WP output have changed.
-PDF circular chart: use of parenthesis in the footer culd cause an 'out of string space' error.

*** Changes in patch 9 d.d. 21-02-2005 **************************************
-Textreports: When using 'privacyoption 2' and a marriage place was missing, sometimes 'relation' was reported instead of 'married'.
-General: Use of the 'Windows system restore' function could damage a PRO-GEN data file.

*** Changes in patch 8 d.d. 24-11-2004 **************************************
+List: Selection tools added for marking duplicate records.
+List: Special listformat added for viewing duplicate records.
-Relation chart: using 'insert', 'Add partner and marriage' could sometimes corrupt an indexfile.
-PRO-GEN import: using the option 'Search within the import file for duplicates' did not always merge duplicate marriage records correctly.
=GEDCOM: changed the behaviour of the Insert-key in the screen where fields are linked to GEDCOM tags.
-VTX: In report 'Male descendants' the persons without a 'Standard number' will not be printed separately anymore.
+VTX: The index-bookmarks in WordPerfect reports are extended with date and time.

*** Changes in patch 7 d.d. 01-08-2004 **************************************
-PGREPERT.VTX: Numbers of the children were not alligned correctly.
+Textreports: In WP-format the cross-references have now unique codes. Now you can concatenate multiple WP-reports without problems in the cross-references.
+Textreports: In the pedigree textreport the female ancestors now use the 'main person' settings instead of 'partner of main person' settings. The 'partner of main person' setting is now used for partners from other marriages who are not ancestors.
+Installation: New version of PGIT.

*** Changes in patch 6 d.d. 06-07-2004 **************************************
-PGZOEK: Surnames were sometimes stored in uppercase.
-PGZOEK: Non-PRO-GEN files will not have the text "(1)" added to the name.
-Main menu: In the 'Male Descendants' report you may now select a woman as starting point.
-General: The number of the latetst installed patch is now added to the version number; f.i. 3.0b-p6
-Selections: If the selection uses a VTX-file, the function MAINRECORD did not give the number of last selected record.
-PRO-GEN Import: When searching for duplicate persons within the import file, duplicates could be missed when the import file contained deleted records.
-PG-CHECK: Solved error when checking a file without marriage data.
+Text reports: Relation chart report can now be integrated in text report.
-PDF circular chart: If the birth_place is known but the birth_date is not, the christening_date should have been used. Also for death/burial and civil/church marriage.
-Family sheet: When stored in RTF format texts that wrap to the next line were not getting the correct style.
-Descendants report: A report containing more than 32000 persons generates an error.
+HTML pedigree chart: The field patronym will now give an extra line in the index.
-HTML pedigree chart: The patronym was printed two times if the surname field was empty.
-HTML-output: When the file was split sometimes an 'out of string space' error occured.
-HTML-output: WHen the file was split, the last used directory was not stored if that directory already existed.

*** Changes in patch 5 d.d. 29-07-2003 **************************************
+Male descendants: Option to create a 'Descendants by name' report.

*** Changes in patch 4 d.d. 03-07-2003 **************************************
+PGZOEK: Search program added.
+Configuration: Option added to create PGZOEK files automatically.
+Utilities: Export of ASCII files for PGZOEK added.
-Text reports: HTML links were not created at 'married before with'.
-Text reports: The index of WORD XP did not work correctly when a place-name started with a space.
+Circular chart: Fontsize and position op marriage data has been improved.
-Text input: When text in an info-field was deleted, the last screen-line was corrupted sometimes.

*** Changes in patch 3 d.d. 02-01-2003 **************************************
=GEDCOM: Filename input-field can now use only uppercase.
+GEDCOM: Data using EVEN TYPE can now be assigned separately.
+CHECK: Search for duplicate records is quicker now.
=BACKUP: Blocksize reduced for Windows 2000/XP.
+Text reports: first character of name-prefix will now be uppercase when printed at the beginning of a sentence.
+Familybook: option added to print info-fields.
+Familybook: option addes to print all date-fields.
+Circular chart: Character for relations changed (x=civil, =church, &=other).
+Circular chart: Now up to 10 generations.
+Circular chart: Option added to include places.
+Circular chart: Optionally in color or gray.
+General: Command-line option /REC= added.
=Pedigree: 'Czellitzer'-numbers changed to 'Kekule numbers with separation-dot'.
-Search: After a syntax-error in the search-condition, the error-message dit not disappear.

*** Changes in patch 2 d.d. 06-06-2002 **************************************
-Selection: Selecting the 'All related persons' didn't work correctly when EMS memory was used.
-Reports: The numbers 'Consecutive numbers' didn't work correctly with numbers greater than 32767 when EMS memory was used.
-List-reports: When a 'starting page' was entered all previous pages were printed also.
+HTML-output: Lines in the name-index will no longer split on the dash between birth-date and death-date.

*** Changes in patch 1 d.d. 24-03-2002 **************************************
-HTML-output: When the output is split the links in the page-header did not use all lowercase characters.
+HTML-output: The texts "First, Previous, etc." and also the text "Nameindex" will now change according to the selected outputlanguage.